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DOCUMENTATIE Lijst 5 - augustus 1991


IPCE Newsletter 2-3, Summer 1991, waarin artikelen van Dr Brongersma (over 'de nieuwe wet), Martin Burgess en Frans Gieles. (12 pp)


Top twent y Literature List, by Frans Gieles (2 pp)


Two papers (one from Denmark, one from Quebec) about 'What is sexual abuse?' , used in IPCE meeting 5, Amsterdam 1991 (3 pp)


'Tantale' nr 5, juin 1991, 'La seule revue pédophile française' (18 pp)


Versammlung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädophilie im BVH e.V. am 6 & 7 juli 1991 in München; Langprotocol. (11 pp)


North American Man/boy Love Association: several papers, among which papers from the 13th ILGA Annual conference in Mexico 1991 about the workshop Paedophilia and the workshop The rights of Boys involved in homosexual prostitution (19 pp)


Assemby Bill no 1405, California Legislature about a statewide task force on sexual assault of children
(Deze task force moet "aggressively investigate" sexual assault on children and "organized pedophilia" (2 pp)


The corporatist hold on the minor/major sexuality, by Jean Le Blond, Quebec City, 1991 (11 pp)


Un Testimone 'Quei Film da incubo', in Avvenimenti juli 17, 1991, met vertaling in het Engels (interview waarin NAMBLA zwart wordt gemaakt) (6 pp)


Rosa Info nr 26, aug-sep '91 van VSG, waarin artikelen van de Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädophilie im BVM, München ( 16 pp )

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