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Statement # 4

Sexual Intolerance

For centuries, the Netherlands has been regarded as a tolerant country.
Dutch and Turkish children are playing together and churches and mosques are peacefully located next to each other. In the city you can see a Chinese, Mexican and Turkish restaurant. Apparently and logically, no taste is the same and anybody should be allowed to follow his predilection. Except ...
... when we are talking about sexuality.

"Faggot" is about the worst example of name calling at the schoolyard. Well, "Pedophile" or "Dutroux" is even a bit worse. We really can't consider this sexual tolerance. 

Why not? 

What are the motives behind this intolerance?

It can't be explained by any rational motive. We're left with the irrational motives: egocentric motives or fallacies. These start with "I feel that..." and continue with "so it should"

For instance:

Heterosexual fallacy:
I only like heterosexuality, so any homosexuality should disappear

Homosexual fallacy: 
I only like homosexuality, so any bisexuality should disappear

Contact fallacy: 
I only like physical contact, so any type of masturbation, voyeurism and exhibitionism should disappear.

Enrichment fallacy:
I only like variations if they are an enrichment of "normal" sexuality, so any exclusively "deviant" sex or a sexual limitation to masturbation should disappear.

Relational fallacy:
I only like sex within a relationship, so any type of prostitution or contacts outside a relationship should disappear.

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