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Abus Sexuel : Le rapport capital ; Le rapport Bauserman analysé et commenté dans la France de l’an 2000, par Philippe Esterie & Hélène Amboureux.

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Interviews with three (Dutch) boys, with an appendix and info about IPT
< http://www.ipt-forensics.com/journal/volume4/j4_2_1_5.htm  >

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Evil among us, by Laura Schessinger.
A new pseudo-scientific study attempts to normalize pedophilia, claiming that "adult-child sex" is not necessarily a bad thing. This is the most dangerous assault yet on our children, our families, and our society. [See 00-021 for a reaction]

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Would America be a better place without teenagers?_ Book review:

* The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager, Thomas Hine. Bard Avon, $24
* Framing Youth: Ten Myths About the Next Generation, Mike Males. Common Courage Press, $19

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DECLARATION OF SEXUAL RIGHTS - World Association for Sexology, Adopted at 14th biannual meeting in Hong Kong on August 26, 1999
See also Ipce newsletter E9.

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Fundamentele Seksuele Rechten van de Mens, opgesteld door de World Association Sexuology, Washington, juni 1983

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A cuddle a day can keep a life of crime at bay,  By Kirsty Walker Social Affairs Correspondent, Express Newspapers, Jan. 18..
< http://www.lineone.net/express/00/01/18/news/n0720cuddle-d.html >
CHILDREN who are not cuddled when they are young are in danger of turning into violent adults. New research has shown parents who starve their children of physical affection are damaging them emotionally and physically. Leading psychologists say they have also found a strong link between high levels of crime and societies where touching is frowned upon. Fears about claims of sexual abuse and the threat of lawsuits have made parents and teachers increasingly nervous about touching children in public.

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Then they came for the Huggers, and I did not speak out; Hallway Huggers Told to Back Off ; Netscape News, Jan. 26
WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - The simple act of hugging has been added to the scurrilous list of playground faux pas at a Manitoba elementary school.

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Opinion Poll in the UK, (Gallup, published in the Daily Telegraph, 11 Feb 2000)

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Youth in The UK, Young take risks with sex; Many young people have unprotected sex; BBC News, Sunday, 13 February, 2000
First experience of sexual intercourse > Up to 14 years old - 18% > 15 years old - 15%
> 16 years old - 17% > 17 years old - 14%
< http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_639000/639566.stm   >

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"The ambiguities in the campaign against paedophilia", by Jean-Michel Dumay,  in Le Monde, Saturday 25 March 2000

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Les équivoques du combat contre la pédophilie, par Jean-Michel Dumay, Le Monde, 25 mars 2000
< http://www.lemonde.fr/article/0,2320,seq-2236-47834-QUO,00.html >

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A skeleton in your closet?, OUT! magazine New Zealand 7 April 2000, By the NzLAW Collective
Thinking back to 1986, we recall the tension that gripped many of us as we listened to the broadcast of the parliamentary debate on the Homosexual Law Reform Act. The crucial question was: Would the age of consent be set at 18 or 16? Fortunately, good sense prevailed. The resulting legislation is arguably the most enlightened and most progressive in the world.

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Interview With a Teen Gay Activist by Crusader, GBL News, 12 April 2000

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A mother tells of anti-gay harassment against her son, Letter to the Editor,  April 30, 2000, By Sharon Underwood, For the Valley News (White River Junction, VT/Hanover, NH).
As the mother of a gay son, I've seen firsthand how cruel and misguided people can be. Many letters have been sent to the Valley News concerning the homosexual menace in Vermont. I am the mother of a gay son and I've taken enough from you good people.

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One girl in six hits puberty by age of eight, by Amelia Hill in Observer, Sunday June 18, 2000

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Section 28 may cause suicide among gay youth.
A hard-hitting editorial in the British Medical Journal (2000; 320: 1817-8) associates suicidal behaviour among gay and lesbian teenagers with "homophobic legislation", such as Section 28 of the UK Local Government Act 1988, which forbids the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

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Quite young... US Statistics
Most young sex molesters are boys, 13 to 16.

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Letter to the Editor, Aug. 2, 2000
Erica Goodes prompt response to the publication of the latest child abuse study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, (Childhood Abuse and Adult Stress, p. A22, Aug. 2nd) strikes of a continuation of scientific revisonism begun after the publication in 1998 of Rind, Bauserman and Tromovitchs Meta-Analysis of Child Sex Abuse Using College Samples in Psychological Bulletin, published by the American Psychological Association

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Treatment, self-help and real therapy, By Dr Frans Gieles, in: Ipce Newsletter E9, August 2000

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Sexual Privacy for Paedophiles and Children, Paper delivered by Tom O'Carroll to the Symposium on Sexual Privacy at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Sex Research, Paris, June 2000, in: Ipce newsletter E9, August 2000

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Background paper at 00-071a

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Foot notes at 00-071b

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An Outline of Major Events in the UK from January 1999 - May 2000, in: Ipce newsletter E9, August 2000

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