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We are based on a democratic social system. Thus, we don't speak about "The Authorities" - those placed above us - instead we talk about "the chosen rulers". Our country, as many others, is ruled by chosen people, not by people appointed by higher authorities.

Counter Balance wants to shadow our society and its rulers critically and if necessary provide a 
Counter Balance

Why? For a humane society, a society with human relationships of high quality. 
They exist, but some are limited and threatened.

Limited: because whites relate to whites, Turks to Turks, Moroccans to Moroccans, Christians to Christians, Muslims to Muslims, and so on. 
Limited also because children relate to children, teens to teens, adults to adults.
Is this good for our future adult citizens?

Counter Balance is not a chat- or news site
Counter Balance gives only statements with links so you can read more.
Counter Balance works as a writers' collective.
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What is new? Table of Contents