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Draft Protest Letter



Subject:          The Hope Flowers School in Al Khader,
                         Case Number related to demolition: 107/02


Dear Sir,

We kindly request your attention to the following matter.

For several years we have supported a Palestinian school on the West Bank in Al Khader village near Bethlehem . The name of the school is Al Amal, The Hope Flowers School.

We support this school because of its approach to peace and democracy education. The Hope Flowers School was established in 1984 when the late founder of the school, Mr. Hussein Issa (may he rest in peace), was confident that the Palestinian and Israeli conflict could not be solved by violence. He believed that the only way to solve the conflict was to create a new generation of Palestinians and Israelis that believed in peace, coexistence and respecting the rights of each other.

Mr. Issa thought that by bringing Palestinian and Israeli children together and teaching them to look beyond the fear that years of conflict and stereotyping has created, then these children would grow and bond in friendship. He also hoped that they would then create a peaceful solution to the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. Therefore, the school has many contacts and partnerships with Israeli schools, teachers and students. Israeli volunteers and teachers worked in the school before the Palestinian uprising started in 2000.

  1. However, the Hope Flowers School received a demolition order for the school cafeteria from the Israeli army (Case 107/02) on 5th November, 2003. We are very concerned about this recent threat to demolish the cafeteria building.  I am kindly asking you and the Civil Administration NOT to continue with your plans to demolish the cafeteria building of the first, and only, school for peace and coexistence in the Palestinian Territories.

  1. We are also concerned that the wall/fence that the Israelis authorities started to build near the school will prevent Israelis from reaching the school. We are asking you to create a Gate or Entrance in that wall near the school to allow Israelis to reach the Hope Flowers School . This will keep dialogue alive and will allow hope to flower for the next Palestinian and Israeli generation.

 Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Sincerely Yours,




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